The Future Is Now. WaveSpring® Technology is here and it is coming to a shoe near you!
Spira’s® patented WaveSpring® technology may be the most significant advancement ever achieved in the footwear industry.*

WaveSpring® returns energy with every step.
Unlike traditional shoe midsoles made primarily of foams, rubber compounds, or polymers, WaveSpring® technology stores and disburses energy with every step. Testing performed at Michigan State University in 2001 reported that 87% – 96% of the energy is returned from the WaveSpring®. This is the highest energy return score for any midsole material ever tested.** As a result, our footwear not only cushions, but returns energy. In a very real sense, the WaveSpring enables you to recycle your own energy!

WaveSpring reduces peak impact forces and prevents injury
One of the remarkable benefits of the WaveSpring is its ability to reduce peak impact forces by about 20% over traditional midsole materials. When engaged in high impact activity like running or jumping, where peak impact is four to five times body weight, a reduction of 20% is quite significant. It is as if a 200 lb person suddenly weighs 160 lbs for purposes of determining stress on the body. The stress reduction can in turn reduce injury and allow for faster recovery time following vigorous activity. For example elite marathon runner David Cheruiyot, won three major marathons, Istanbul, Singapore and Houston in a four month period. He credits his Spira shoes for his performance.

“The shoes were great. They provide me with the opportunity to race more often with less recovery time between races. Likewise, the Spira training shoes allow me to train at a more intense effort level while protecting me from injury. Houston was my third marathon in less than four months. There is no way I could do that without Spira.”
David Cheruiyot

WaveSpring® is light and compact.
The WaveSpring® is laterally stable, lightweight, compact, and can easily fit into a typical shoe midsole. The technology is in the heel and forefoot of the shoe. As such, it has the appearance of a normal shoe, and does need an elevated platform to provide full function.

WaveSpring® technology will not break down.
Traditional midsole materials work through compression and often breakdown quickly. The WaveSpring® is mechanical. The spring will outlast the shoe. The wearer will have a “new shoe” feel from the first day it is worn to the last!

“Unlike rubbers and polymers, the springs have an almost infinite fatigue life. The shoe will fall apart before the spring performance degrades.”
Popular Mechanics magazine
Shoe Technology Review

“I feel it is the first technological advance that has been truly meaningful in the shoe industry in many years.”
Donald A. Chu Ph.D., PT, ATC CSCS
Former Director, Athletic Training & Rehabilitation
Stanford University