SKORA approaches design and performance from a practical, honest and realistic understanding of a runner’s true needs. We don’t cling to doctrine, new or old. We don’t hold ideology over practicality. SKORA is designed for the real runner, in the real world.




SKORA products are designed from a feature/benefit analysis based on common sense. It is oriented to the “why” of features rather than the “what”. Many athletic brands focus on “technology” to help a runner go faster, longer, stronger. We believe that the best technology available is the human body, and design our products to respect this. SKORA products allow the human body to function as naturally and efficiently as possible.

Rather than look for features to add, we look for features to remove. We believe that the best shoe is one that complements the human body, and allows it to perform naturally.

SKORA footwear is built using our REALFIT™ last, designed for a more natural fit, with zero-drop (defined as no differential in midsole/outsole height from heel-to-toe). SKORA shoes offer a wider, anatomically correct toebox for comfort, and encourage natural performance.