Chung Shi Dux Trainer | Black




Sole constructed from innovative DUFLEX material. Lightweight construction allows an unparalleled feeling of freedom when walking.
  • lightweight
  • eases the joints
  • trains foot muscles
  • ensures a soft tread
  • adjusts to all shape of feet
  • unbelievably comfortable

Through lack of movement- especially the correct way of movement- the muscles in our feet can wither. Our feet become stiff. As the movement is carried from the toes upward, stiff feet will have a negative effect on the rest of the body. The Duxfree system is characterised by deep grooves and subdivisions in the sole, which allow the foot unrestricted movement. At the same time the segmented sole acts as a cushion agaisnt jarring impacts. The Flexibility of the shoe forces the muscles of the feet to find the stability required for walking, which in turn strengthens them. Ordinary everyday wear of the Duxfree system delivers excellent toning and strengthening of the muscles of the feet- without conscious effort.

Sole constructed from innovative Duflex material. Light-weight, supple construction allows an unparalleled feeling of freedom when walking. Eases the joints, trains foot muscles, ensures a soft tread, adjusts to every individual shape of feet, and unbelievably comfortable.

Because health starts with your feet.


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XXS— Ladies 6 E36, XS— Ladies 7 E36/37, S— Ladies 8 E38/E39, M—Ladies 9 Mens 7-8 E40, L— E41/42 Ladies 9.5-10. Mens 8-8.5, XL— E43 Ladies 10.5-11 Mens 9-10, XXL— Mens 10.5-11 E44/45, XXXL— E46/47 Mens 11.5-12, 4XL— E48/49 Mens 12.5-13.5 W12