Our Story

Launched in 2010 as Palm Beach Gardens’ very first well-being shoe store, Keola Health is constantly assessing the ever-changing footwear trends and needs of its loyal customers. Today, Keola has expanded offering a brand-new, easy-to-navigate website featuring the finest quality footwear with over twenty brands to choose from.

Keola is a Hawaiian term meaning “The Life, The Health and The Well-Being.” If you are fortunate enough to visit the Keola Health and Well-Being Studios Florida location in person, you will be welcomed into a fresh, clean, relaxing boutique atmosphere by owners George Thomas and Ben Russell. Each of these fitness professionals is personally committed to helping their clients reduce stress and improve quality of life through proper shoe selection.

Keola Health is a proud retailer of many exciting brands of exceptionally crafted footwear including VIVOBAREFOOT, JOYA, CHUNG-SHI, JUIL, SPIRA, TEROX, OOFOS and much more. George and Ben know that in order for people to be healthy, they need to exercise and that good health always starts with the feet. Keola delivers just what clients need. They offer wide, narrow, heavy, lightweight, water, trail, cushion, barefoot, arch, non-arch, balancing and grounding attributes in a wide variety of stylish shoes.

The Keola Health team has spent an extensive amount of time locating, researching and testing every brand they carry. The owners are confident that the products they feature are of the absolute highest quality. They have taken much of the guess work out of the shopping experience by pre-selecting only shoes that their customers will love. George and Ben are committed to fitting their clients with the right footwear every time and will never sell an individual a shoe that is not a good choice for them. They always want their customers to feel secure in recommending Keola to their friends and family.

We Love to talk!  Call us to discuss a custom fit or sizing question. We know its hard buying shoes and sandals over the internet.  We want to make it as easy as we can!