Family and friends, I would like for you to meet our newest addition… Karhu! Karhu[kar-who] meaning ‘bear’ in Finnish was first established in Finland in 1916. The company has reached a number of milestones throughout the years. Most notably was their development of the first patented “Air cushion” midsole, the worlds first use of nylon and air cushioning in a running shoe. The Karhu brand sells running shoes, sportswear, and skiing and sports equipment. In our personal opinion we believe their running shoes to be the best product they have ever created. Karhu shoes are designed based on the “Fulcrom Technology”.  What is that you ask? Good question, because many people have never heard of it! Well, it is a line of technology intended to be able to suit different types of pronation and training, racing, and off-road or trail running, for both men and women. Fulcrom Technology places emphasis on minimizing vertical bounce (oscillation) and converting that wasted energy into a smoother, faster stride.

Ladies fluid coral 2


In a nut shell, Karhu shoes are designed  to make your run more efficient by reducing exhaustion and maximizing stored energy so you are able to run easier, farther, and faster.

The people at Karhu explain It best themselves …

“Why Karhu”

“It’s simple: Independent research shows that runners bounce up and down half an inch less per step in Karhu than in other running shoes. Think of it like climbing stairs: runners climb fewer stories across every distance with the efficiency of Karhu Fulcrom Technology” (

Still not sold on this new product? Come into Keola and let the shoe speak for itself.

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