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Tucket Footwear is a fully functional boat shoe in a driver design that can be fully submerged in water and it will drain instantly. It can go from boat to beach, beach to restaurant or campus to stadium. The sleek design of  Tucket can take you most anywhere.  Tuckets mission is to build a new “boat/loafer shoe” that combines a much loved traditional styling with modern design elements and modern technology; a boat shoe that looks great,feels great, drains fast, dries fast and grips well.

The Tucket Footwear mission doesn’t stop at building the best looking, best functioning boat shoe. The fact is that there are many children all around us that go to bed hungry every night. One in five families with children in the USA are food insecure according to the FDA. Young children are not capable of feeding themselves or their families. They need our help. Tucket Footwear has pledged that for every pair of Tuckets purchased by customers like you, Tucket will donate funds to community food banks to buy at least three meals per consumer purchase for children and families in America.