Chung Shi Comfort Classic | Black




Comfort Step

There are two variations of the AuBioMo® shoe. The Comfort Step variation with the sole at 15° and the Balance Step variation with the sole at 20°. From the purely visual point of view there is hardly any difference between the Balance Step and the Comfort Step. The differences lie above all in the functional goals and in the personal preference of the wearer. We recommend The Comfort Step shoe for beginners with a lower level of physical activity as well as for those whose sense of balance is less well developed.

Professionally you haven’t a moment to spare and you certainly can’t fit in a regular slot for exercising. But you
want to stay fit, don’t you? All right, then our chung shi AuBioMo® business line was designed with you in mind.
Use your time effectively and tone up your muscles while you’re working – just like that, without even thinking
about it. Even after a few days of wearing them you’ll experience the far-reaching, positive effect throughout your
body. The chung shi AuBioMo® shoes look great and they feel great. They are as attractive as they are functional and are definitely the thing to wear at the office.

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