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Glagla is a French innovation ! It is in the premises of the company, based on the beautiful Place Stanislas in Nancy, his design was born. This place, considered one of the finest in the world, is undoubtedly an inspiration for our engineers and designers.

 Initial developments were launched in 2003 by the founder Mr. Karim Oumnia engineer passionate sports training and innovation. In 2007, he filed patents and brands in the world and in 2009 he created the company Glagla International . Since then, he continues to get personally involved with his team of engineers and designers in the development and improvement of the concept of breathable shoe. Allier design innovation , it is the challenge handily won by . development team Glagla Like the sandal or boot, Glagla is part of a new class of unique shoe in the world: “broken shoes” . Natural ventilation is ensured by its high-tech components that allow a free flow of air throughout the shoe. then it is 2-3 times more breathable shoe that” normal” ! Besides having a system Patented ventilation , Glagla is lightweight and washable in machine.Flexible, it preserves the natural movement of the foot that allows you to forget the boot and find the feeling of walking barefoot . This is a revolution for your feet! All these features make it an ideal shoe for summer and indoor sports . Our models men, women and children let your feet breathe whatever the situation. Our team travels the world and participates in the largest trade shows in Düsseldorf as the GDS, the WSA in Las Vegas, the MICAM Milan, IDEA Los Angeles …

In four years, Glagla is already distributed in over 50 countries and development never stops!