tips for running in heatNow that the hot and humid weather has arrived in South Florida, it’s important to use caution when doing any kind of outside training like running, biking, etc.

According to Steve Brookner, president of the Bikila Athletic Club located in Miami, there are some some important things to be mindful of if you’re going to train during this hot and sticky season.

Here are a few tips to help you deal with summer’s heat and humidity!

Training early!

Put in your miles before sunrise when the weather is a bit cooler and before the sun rises.  (Use reflective clothing to make sure you’re seen!)

Cross-train indoors

Swap you’re your outdoor workouts for an indoor run on a treadmill or an inside ride on a stationary bike. Maybe a good spin class would work for you. Indoor training is a great way to build your cardio base while, at the same time, giving you a break from heat and humidity.

Ease into the heat

Use the hottest part of the day to help you acclimate to the heat.  Try a two to three mile walk or a very easy run in the heat of the day two times-a-week for three or four weeks to help your body adjust to the heat. Plus, when you workout in heat for a few weeks, “It makes the morning fun feel cool” according to Brookner.

Don’t just drink water

Consider a combination of running and swimming if possible. On calm days, the ocean can be a great place for a quick swim. Do your run and follow it up with a swim in the ocean or pool.

Staying active and continuing to pursue your fitness goals is important to your well-being, to physical and mental. By planning ahead you can enjoy a great level of fitness while protecting your body.