Are you Connected?

In southeast Florida, we enjoy a semi-tropical lifestyle which means sandals and flip-flops are staples. We enjoy the simplicity of a shoe we can slip on and off at the beach, pool, even at work. We are also very picky and are always looking for that something new and different. Well, Juil footwear is just that. Juil is an up-and-coming startup company that is all about your wellbeing. Juil footwear connects you to the earth and brings your body back to its natural state of being through its Energy Flow Technology™. The soles of Juil footwear have copper conductors that “discharge and absorb the earth’s natural energies with every step you take, connecting you to the earth in a way that traditional footwear doesn’t.”

As their website says: Yoga restores your physical balance. Meditation restores your mental balance. Juil sandals restore your natural balance of energy… You’ll feel it from your heel and toes to the very core of your being. And more importantly, you’ll be connected to essential life forces, like you’ve never been before.

The fundamental principle behind Juil’s footwear is that we live on a planet alive with energy and traditional footwear blocks us from it. Connecting (as Juil coins it) brings consciousness into our body and is essential for forming healthy boundaries. We feel more awake and alive by embracing our natural tendencies rather than denying them. When we are truly connected to the earth, we can be more dynamic, present and focused. Our attention is in the here and now. When we are disconnected, we are unstable and lose our center. We become scattered and also lose our ability to build up inner power. In turn, our natural energy and excitement gets diluted, dissipates, and we become ineffectual in our lives. When we lose our connection, our attention strays and we become vague and insubstantial. Whether one observes a yogic view or not, there are other, even more simple ways to experience connectedness. In its simplest form it is to be one with nature. Take a walk. Observe the animals and plants around you. Go outside and get a breath of fresh air. Tend to a garden. Everyone can connect one way or another. This connection is cultivated by any activity that directly connects you with the earth.

Juil sandals are the complete package and I mean that literally. Many footwear companies design great shoes and simply throw them in an uninspiring box. Juil understands the whole experience. From the very moment you see Juil’s box, it’s a wonderful experience. From the pull-tab to the colors and quality of the box, you can see the folks at Juil know what they are doing. Once opened, you notice a beautiful yoga mat bag wrapping the sandals. Juil footwear is not only stylish and comfortable – it offers added functionality. If you’re looking for some sandals to keep your feet happy then check out Juil’s current lineup of sandals in a variety of colors and styles.

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We gladly take back shoes and sandals like new within 30 days of delivery.

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11701 Lake Victoria Gardens #7104
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

(561) 855-6863

You do not need RA #s or anything like that just return the shoes with the box to the address.